Ningbo HZ Precision has great manufacturing capability including:

CNC Machining Centers

Swiss Precision Auto Lathes,4-Axis CNC Machine Centers ,etc.


CNC Turning-Mliling Composite Machine Tools

Swiss Precision Auto Lathe, CNC Lathe, CNC Milling Machine ,etc.


Stamping,Drawing,Argon-Arc Welding




Aluminum, Iron, Steel,Copper, Die Casting and Precision Casting


Parts in A Wide Variety of Plastics

A Variety of Surface Treatment

Painting, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Plating

R&D Engineering Capabilities :

R&D Department is divided into Connector technical Team and Precision Component Team, with over 9 knowledgeable and veteran engineers,using CAD/CAM facilities and 3D EM Simulation Software Tool for Design of RF connectors and precision components,sampling from a concept to prototype with 2 weeks,specializing in custom designed precision components,being good at manufacturing precision piece parts according to the specifications of customers.

Main Equipments:

1.Single spindle automatic swiss screw machines  × 20 @Taiwan

2.Swiss Precision Automatic Lathe  ×10 @Ningjiang

3.High Speed Precision Bench Lathe  ×40 @Taiwan

4.CNC Lathe C6430  ×8       Shanghai

5.CNC Milling Machine XK6040  ×2       Shanghai

6.Drill Press SWJ-16  ×20      Hangzhou

7.Tapping Machine S4116A  ×10      Hangzhou

8.CNC EDM Wire-cutting Machine DK7716A  ×2      Shanghai

9.CNC Electric Discharge Machine DKQ7125  ×2      Beijing

10.Centerless Grinding Machine T1040A  ×1      Wuxi

11.Plastic Injecting Device CJ150NC-33  ×4      Ningbo

12.Die Casting Machine  ×2      China

13.Argon Arc Welding Machine WS-250  ×2     China

14.CNC Shearing Machines NCCO-30042  ×2      Shanghai

15.CNC Bending Press AMADA RG-1002  ×1      Japan

16.Press J23-125T  ×20       Shanghai

17.Ultrasonic Jointing Machine SDF-332  ×2      Shanghai

18.Spot welding Machine P320  ×2      Nanjing

19.Plastic Spraying Device HDD-200  ×2     Guangdong

20.Ultrasonic Cleaner HZA-1024S  ×1      Hangzhou

21.Assembly Lines  ×8      China

22.CNC Machine Centers  ×4      China